How to get to the studio.

Treehouse Yoga is on the 3rd Floor (Roofdeck) of 366 RGM Center, El Grande Avenue, Phase 3 BF Homes, Paranaque.

If using Waze or Google Maps, please enter TREEHOUSE YOGA as your destination to get instructions.

If coming from Aguirre, turn right on El Grande (Mercury Drug). 366 RGM Center is to your right, beside Pan De Manila and on the same building as Dough-It-All.

If coming from Sucat, Lopez Ave., go straight to El Grande, past Ann Arbor and Pinky's Goodies. 366 RGM Center is to your left, same building as Dough-It-All.


21-Day Build-A-Yoga-Habit Package

New-to-Yoga Trial Package

We believe that it will take more than just one class for you to decide whether yoga is for you, so we're giving you unlimited yoga passes for only Php 1,000 valid for 2 weeks.

Yes. We'll do everything to help you with your yoga journey. Let us kickstart that love for yoga with 21 class passes for only Php 2,100 valid for 1 month.

Get 50% off on your next package when you use up all 21 passes!

NOTE: Each Starter Package may only be purchased ONCE.


Meet some of our students who continuously dedicate time, love, and effort to their yoga practice. 

Read their stories about how they started, their struggles, and how they kept on. (Full stories on our Facebook page.) 

They continue to inspire other Treehouse students as well as all the Treehouse teachers.

First time to do yoga?

Join our beginner-friendly classes and take it slow. Learn basic (and intermediate) poses and how to safely execute them unique to your anatomical structure. Practice synchronizing breath with movement, engaging the correct muscles for each pose. If you're a newbie in Treehouse, your first class is FREE!

People go to yoga for different reasons. Some want to get stronger or more flexible. Others need their "me-time". Some find it a perfect time to heal, meditate, and just be with their breath. Some love the integration of yoga philosophy into their lifestyle. Whichever your intention may be, we've got you covered.

We believe in creating a supportive yoga community and value sharing the benefits of yoga with our loved ones. Grab a family member, a friend, and yes, even a stranger, to join you in class, and take advantage of our discounted Friendship Packages! Walking through your yoga journey with someone means doubling the yoga magic!

Namaste, Yogi.

Roll out your mat. Sit. Close your eyes. Listen. Breathe.

Explore the various ways you can do yoga on and off the mat.

(And no, being able to reach your toes is not a requirement.)