Frequently Asked Questions

New to the Treehouse Community? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

I have zero yoga experience and I am not flexible at all. Which classes should I join?

Most of our classes are beginner-friendly and flexibility is not a requirement! You may check out the schedules by clicking ONLINE CLASSES on the header anywhere on this website. We do suggest that you stick with your level (you know yourself best) and recommend either Hatha-Vinyasa, Enhanced Hatha, and Morning Flow.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes, if it is your first time. We will need your full name, mobile number, and email address to register you for our classes. You may send them over through our Instagram (@treehouseyogaph), Facebook, or by sending us a Viber message (09178506550). We will then send you the Zoom details of your chosen class/es.

What do I need to join a class? What do I wear?

You'll need a yoga mat and some space for movement, and a device with the Zoom app installed. We use Zoom for all of our classes. Blocks and straps are not usually required in our classes, but if you find yourself attending one that requires these, you may use a belt as a strap and a stack of books as a block.

Wear light, stretchy (but not loose) clothes in which you can move easily—but cover appropriately and as you wish when moving through postures. For women, you may wear leggings or tight-fitting shorts and a t-shirt/tank top with light cloth, while the men can wear basketball shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. 

How do I prepare for a class?

Our classes are 60 to 75 minutes long, save for the afternoon classes that run for only 45 minutes.

Here are some pointers to prepare for class:

  • Make sure your device is fully charged. We suggest using a tablet, a laptop, or a PC so you can see the screen better.
  • Log in at least 10 minutes early before your class. You can use this time to fix your equipment or as a buffer in case you encounter some technical glitches. Make sure you have the updated Zoom password, too, for your class.
  • Come to class hydrated; don't try to play catch up with drinking water during class or chug a lot of water right before class.
  • Avoid large meals up to three hours prior to class.
  • Listen to the teacher's guidance as they describe the poses. He or she will provide cues to help you come safely into and out of the poses. You may also blow up the screens of other practitioners if you need a reference.
  • Take a break or skip a pose or two if practice becomes too challenging for you.

What if I get cut from a class?

In case of technical issues, we will not count your practice as complete unless you pass the 30-minute mark. In case this happens, please send us a DM as soon as you can. If the teacher gets cut from the class before the halfway mark due to unforeseen technical issues, your attendance will not be counted for that class.

What are the online class policies and etiquette?

We aim to provide a safe space for everyone in the community, and we would appreciate if you abide by the following policies and etiquette:

  • Please be on time. The teacher will have to admit students into the meeting room, and may be distracting if you come in while the class is already in session.
  • Please make sure you are on mute while the class is ongoing. The teacher will do this for you, too.
  • You may skip a pose or a sequence or modify them for depth; however, we would appreciate it if you do not deviate too far from the teacher's instructions. Coming to a different flow creates unnecessary distraction and can break the positive energy of the class.

I have am pregnant, have some physical limitations, an ailment, or an injury. Can I still attend your online classes?

While we believe that yoga is for everyone regardless of the circumstance, we recommend consulting your doctor first regarding your condition. In special cases, we do have Yoga Therapists and Prenatal Yoga Teachers in our roster of teachers and we can schedule a free assessment for you. Kindly get in touch with us with all the details pertaining to your case.

Don't see your question here? Kindly send us an SMS/Viber at 09178506550.

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